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A constant quest of myself.



Is an enthusiastic alchemist who, from time to time, likes to do a bit of magic. Born in Jalisco, Mexico in 1990, she decided to dedicate her life to a constant and disastrous search for her own personality, which has led her to become a writer, artist and forest creature.

With a special weakness for nature, wolves, occultism and folk music, her visual work has been exhibited in more than seventy shows around the world. Her first literary saga, Nation of the Beasts, was recently acquired to be published in United States and Latin America.

Nowadays, her biggest dream is to get a small wood cabin in Alaska and live forever happy surrounded by her books. 


Things that I love


"There is a pleasure in the pathless wood...

There is a rapture on the lonely shore.
There is society where none intrudes.
By the deep Sea, and music in its roar:
I love not Man the less, but Nature more".

-Lord Byron.


(Printed Art Publications)

2009 Death Book Project / Editorial nEgoist (Poland) Obscene Sedution” / Editorial nEgoist (Poland). 2010 Parteaguas #20 / Conaculta (Mexico) Visionary Art of the Year Artbook (Canada) Imagine the Imagination / Editorial nEgoist (Poland). 2012 Modern Vintage Illustration Artbook (IEngland). 2013 Women in Art Vol. 01 / (Austria). 2015 Masters of Contemporary Fine Art Vol. 01 (England). 2017 Miroir Magazine “Inner Vision” Issue. (Canada). 2018 NILVX Magazine “The Divine Androgynous” (United States).


2009  Bowels Scape / Troll Square Gallery. (Utah – U.S.A.). The Minuscule Room / Universidad Tecnológica de Monterrey. (Ags – Mexico). The Minuscule Room / Sugar House Gallery (Utah – U.S.A.)
2010 The Minuscule Room / Universidad Autónoma de Aguascalientes. (Ags. – Mexico)
2011 The Bicephalous Moon / Universidad Tecmilenio (Toluca – México). Imaginarium I / Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (D.F. – Mexico)Imaginarium II / Congreso Nacional Haciendo Adobes (Aguascalientes – Mexico). El Laboratorio Secreto / Galería Pandora’s Box (CDMX. – Mexico). The Secret Laboratory / Escuela Nacional de Artes Plásticas (CDMX. – Mexico)
2013 Cosmic Cabinet / Universidad Autónoma de Guanajuato (Guanajuato – Mexico)The Astral Gathering / Pomona University (California – U.S.A.).
2014 Vmbra / Yambak Galería (Aguascalientes – México). Vmbra /Apollinarie Galería (Jalisco – Mexico)
2018 Cosmic Gazers / Museo Nacional de la Muerte (Aguascalientes – Mexico)


2009 I am Abnormal / Abnormals Gallery (Berlin – Germany)4th July Art Festival (Utah – U.S.A.)
2010 Women Exposed / Space 101 (Indiana – U.S.A.)Unwarp your mind / That! Gallery (Hong Kong – China). Utah Arts Festival (Utah – U.S.A.). Digital Art Fair (Belo Horizonte – Brasil).
2011 I am Abnormal 1&2 / Abnormals Gallery (Poznan – Poland)Bloomington Katmandú / Tibetan Cultural Budissh Center (Indiana – U.S.A.). Fantasías, Dolores y Desvelos / Universidad de Guadalajara. (Jalisco –  Mexico). Trio Show / Miller Gallery (Ohio – U.S.A.)
2013 Before the Alarm / Bank of America Gallery (California – U.S.A.)
2016 Lacalaca Necrolotería Mexicana (Jalisco – Mexico)
2018 ASFA World of the Fantastic (Austin - Texas)


2009 Arte Digital / Foro de Diseño Internacional, Universidad Tecnológica de Monterrey (Ags. – Mexico).
2011 Arte Digital / Congreso Haciendo Adobes (Aguascalientes – Mexico)Basic Digital Art Class/Universidad Tecmilenio (Toluca – Mexico). El Gabinete Cósmico / Galería Pandora’s Box (CDMX – Mexico)Self Portrait and Born / Escuela Nacional de Artes Plásticas (CDMX – Mexico).
Cosmic Cabinet / (Aguascalientes – Mexico). Cosmic Cabinet / Universidad del Valle de México (Sonora – Mexico)
2013 Digital Art Difficulties / Universidad de Guanajuato, Salamanca. (Guanajuato – Mexico). Cosmic Cabinet / Escuela Bancaria y de Comercio (San Luis Potosí – Mexico)
2019 Foro de Mujeres líderes (Aguascalientes - México)


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